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It is true that a photograph speaks a thousand words. High quality, custom photography is crucial for any marketing project. I provide the following photography solutions:

Architectural photography of custom homes, developments, golf course communities and various buildings, topics or areas can complement any advertising campaign and provide a desirable visual representation.

Architects, builders, landscape companies, realtors, interior designers and developers - just to name a few - can benefit from high-end photography for use in advertising, vehicle wraps, online or on-air media campaigns, web site portfolios, flyers or graphic design projects, and client gifts.

Projects include:

Luxury Residential and Commercial Photography
Real Estate Development and Golf Course Photography
Landscape and Grounds Photography
Onsite Corporate Project Photography

Architectural Photography Fees:
(please note that these fees are estimates only and are subject to change without notice)
~Onsite photo shoot: $1350 (between 15 - 30 photographs in this project)
~Aerial photo shoot by quote only
~Partial/small project quotes are available upon request.
Travel fees: Free within 34134 and 34135 zip codes, $50/hr travel time within 20-300 miles, otherwise by quote.
Products delivered via DropBox at the end of each project and payment received:
~ high resolution TIF photo files (suitable for magazine layouts & signage)
~ high resolution JPG photo files (suitable for brochures and other printed media)
~ low resolution JPG photo files (suitable for email and web sites)

A private "Photo Proofs" web site as the photos are being developed so you can watch the projects' progress


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Regional aerial photography of your community, real estate listing, development, event or project are available. "Bird's eye" photography can provide overviews that deliver a strong visual message.

A helicopter is typically used for this service, providing a stable ride that assures crisp shots. However, in certain instances, fixed wing and "cherry picker" shots may suffice.


Projects include:

Luxury Residential and Commercial Photography
Real Estate Development and Golf Course Photography

~Aerial photo shoot by quote only


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My fine art montages are images created by blending as many as 20 of my individual photographs of local outdoor scenes, wildlife, and flora, including texture photos of concrete, metals, wood and fabric, to create an image more true to the scene I "see". 

These images provide beauty and a unique work of art, perfect for business and residential interior design, as well as office and lobby decor.

Fine art photography can be commissioned and tailored to your needs, be it media cover art, or a work of hung art perfect for your specific location.

Available as prints to your own size specifications, each image is printed in my studio on fine art linen papers, then treated with 3 coats of an archival spray. This process assures not only individual attention to each print, but guarantees archival protection to greater than 100 years.While it's advised that all art be kept from direct sunlight and humidity, the post-coating archival spray shield protects against UV light and humidity damage.


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Over nearly twenty years in Southwest Florida, I have accumulated a vast inventory of outdoor, wildlife, flora and abstract photography, suitable for creative and editorial uses, such as magazine ads and web sites.  Original local photography can bring an advertising campaign to life!

These images are available in either web (low resolution) or print (high resolution) versions.


Please contact me for a review of your needs.

Stock Photography Fees for Web Sites:
$20 per image
This fee licenses original M.E. Parker Photography image use for limited, non-exclusive, one-time use on your web site. Images will not exceed 800 pixels in dimension and 72 ppi in resolution.  I have a very large portfolio of local Southwest Florida photography, suitable for most any need.

Please contact me for fees for high-resolution stock photography suitable for print media. Reproduction, resale or other use is strictly prohibited. Please visit my stock photography portfolio to view availability.


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